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Why CYMA Partners with KeepItSafe

KeepItSafe is a premium, white-glove service for online backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity — and one of the only global recovery providers awarded IS0 27001 certification for information security management.

With KeepItSafe’s fully managed and monitored service, your data is proactively protected 24/7. Our suite of backup and recovery solutions protects your business’s entire digital footprint, and, should you ever lose any data, have you back up and running in no time.

KeepItSafe Solutions

The industry’s most secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage cloud backup and on-demand data recovery service — offering Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) with fully managed and monitored 24/7 support. 

Cloud Backup 

Disaster Recovery

An all-in-one disaster recovery and online backup solution — offering fully managed and monitored DRaaS that replicates and protects data across multiple off-site secure servers, and provides failover in the event of any emergent event. 

Endpoint Protection

Powerful endpoint backup, file sharing, collaboration, and data-loss prevention in one unified solution. KeepItSafe Mobile provides IT managers with the control they need to protect their enterprise against unforeseen data catastrophe. 


Take control of your cloud application data with our SaaS backup solution. KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud lets you bridge the gap between where your SaaS provider leaves off and real data protection begins. 

Fully Managed and Monitored

KeepItSafe provides maximum data security and reliability through a fully managed, fully monitored service based on world-class ISO 27001 standards — one of the few international companies of our type awarded this certification. Our system, supported by 24/7 manned technical support, tracks errors and missed backups, isolating unusual activity and fixing most problems without ever disturbing the end user.

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The Benefits of Cloud Backup

Data backed up online is accessible anywhere there’s an Internet connection, and data is saved automatically as it streams in – no remembering to save, label, or track information, so you can concentrate on work rather than data security. 


Data stored in the cloud is, statistically speaking, immune from threat by fire, flood, theft, etc., due to its being stored in multiple secure and encrypted off-site locations. No backup system is immune from data loss, but cloud storage ensures full recovery in the unlikely event of loss.


Multiple levels of redundancy means that your data is stored in more than one independent data center. The more layers of redundancy, the better insured you are against loss, and the easier it is to resume business-as-usual.

Ease of Recovery

As long as you have Internet access and can connect to the remote server then you have access to all of your data whenever you want, wherever you are. As long as you have Internet access and can connect to the remote server then you have access to all of your data whenever you want, wherever you are. 

Ease of Access

Cloud-based backup saves money all down the data-security chain: No more investing in tapes or other backup media; no more investing in servers, hardware, or software; no more transportation costs; and no more IT personnel costs needed to manage your backup systems.